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Brisbane Business Events for Active Social Life

Whether you’re a business owner, managing a startup or just looking to network, Brisbane has a wide range of business events. These include large summits, startup events and casual luncheons.

These free monthly sessions are an opportunity to speak face-to-face with Council’s Strategic Procurement Office representatives. The sessions will provide information about how Council buys local, upcoming tender opportunities and the Better Brisbane Proposals process. Here are some of the best features of Brisbane business events.

Brisbane is a globally connected city

Australia’s third largest city offers a thriving city centre, renowned event venues and a cosmopolitan dining scene. Brisbane is also surrounded by natural wonders, including the Great Barrier Reef and ancient rainforests. The city’s 240 days of sunshine and subtropical lifestyle offer the perfect backdrop to inspire high achievers. Whether it’s diving at secluded snorkelling spots, searching for shipwrecks beneath the sea or watching the sunset from the top of one of the city’s iconic landmarks, there are plenty of ways to connect with nature and Australia’s 60,000 year-old Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander culture.

Located in the vibrant South Bank cultural precinct, Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre (BCEC) has earned a reputation as one of the world’s best convention centres. It is also committed to sustainability and has a number of unique delegate networking experiences. For example, it converts retired uniforms into building materials and offers an innovative low carbon culinary offering.

Known as an Asia Pacific hub for world leading science, medicine and technology, Brisbane is well-positioned to host regional business events. Moreover, its location on Australia’s East Coast presents opportunities to host larger delegations from the region at key sector conferences. It is also home to an internationally recognised medical research institute and a major biotechnology cluster. Moreover, the city is increasingly focusing on digital innovation, with the launch of a new Chief Digital Officer and a Digital Brisbane Strategy.

It is a major hub for businesses

Brisbane is a major hub for businesses from a variety of sectors. These include medical, technology, energy, and construction industries. Moreover, the city has excellent knowledge precincts and research centres. It also hosts numerous business events that attract delegates from all over the world. These events provide a platform for companies to network and find potential clients.

There are several business groups and associations in Brisbane that help entrepreneurs build their networks. Property Leaders Brisbane and ACS are great examples. The former runs regular networking meet ups in the CBD, while the latter connects tech professionals from across Australia and the globe. Other local chambers offer a range of events to cater for all types of businesses.

The city’s economic growth has been accelerated by investment and major infrastructure projects. This has attracted a number of businesses to relocate their headquarters to the area. It has also become a popular destination for tourism and leisure travel.

There is a growing interest in Brisbane as an investment destination, particularly from overseas investors. The city has a number of assets that are attractive to foreign investors, including a progressive business and economic environment, a skilled workforce, and a vibrant arts scene. Additionally, the state’s tax regime is highly competitive compared to other states. This has attracted a number of international businesses to set up operations in Brisbane.

It is a thriving city

With a growing international reputation for business innovation and a $19bn pipeline of city-transforming infrastructure, Brisbane is a thriving global destination. From world-class research and renowned event venues to an enviable choice of accommodation, it offers everything you need for your next successful business event.

A new generation of locals is redefining the city’s identity. Young, hip Gen Xers who once felt compelled to move south are instead staying put and building businesses in Brisbane’s dynamic creative industries. Twenty-something Gen Ys are joining them, adding energy and dynamism to a cultural scene that has taken off like a rocket since the 1990s.

Whether you’re exploring the secluded stretches of beach on the southern coastline or hand-feeding wild dolphins at Tangalooma Island Resort, it’s easy to see why Brisbane is a thriving place for your next business event. Boost your team’s creativity at a local craft brewery or take in breathtaking views of the city from the top of Story Bridge.

With a mix of globally headquartered companies and home-grown start-ups, Brisbane has a rich diversity of industry expertise that is transforming the city. The Lord Mayor’s Convention Trailblazer Grant, launched in 2017, is an example of this – supporting early career researchers and industry representatives to attend a conference in their field in Brisbane. This program is supported by Brisbane Marketing, the city’s economic development board and convention bureau.

It is a cosmopolitan city

Brisbane is a vibrant, welcoming city that offers a subtropical lifestyle with access to pristine beaches and mountainous regions. Founded as a penal colony, it has embraced its natural resources and developed a diversified economy. Its friendly, relaxed culture is reflected in its many cafes and restaurants. Its residents are young, skilled and highly educated.

It is also home to several world class business events venues, including the Brisbane Convention and Exhibition Centre and the Royal Brisbane Hotel. These venues are suited for any business event, from large scale conferences and summits to small networking events.

The city’s cultural scene is rich with world-class galleries, live music and restaurants. Its cuisine is influenced by local seafood, tropical fruits and regional produce. Its architecture is often described as being quintessential Australian. While it did not experience the same level of migration as Australia’s southern cities, it still has a strong sense of community and civic pride.

Sport is a huge part of Brisbane’s culture, much like it is in most Australian and American cities. Brisbane’s sporting teams are among the most successful in the country, with a number of national and international titles to their name. It is also a popular place to play golf and tennis. Guests can enjoy the outdoors and relax by the river, in one of the many parks or on the beautiful beaches.


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