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Apple and Google Are Facing Gaming and Browser Investigation Issues

The U.K.’s competition regulator will devote time to investigating how well Apple and Google’s dominance over cloud gaming and mobile browsers impacts the U.K. computing sector.

In 2021, the Competition and Markets Authority (CMA) completed a “market study” that revealed a “stranglehold” of its marketplaces, operating systems’ app stores, and browsers on mobile phones.


The CMA may impose modifications if the 18-month audit reveals a harmful effect on competition.

Both corporations deny the allegations.

Sarah Cardell, the chief executive officer of CMA, said she wanted to ensure the United Kingdom:

  • Users received the most awesome newly-introduced mobile data element.
  • Developers could spend more time developing innovative new features.

She said, “Many U.K. businesses and website developers tell us that they feel the reality could only be softened if Apple and Google let go of their restrictions.”

In the U.K, the CMA says:

  • 800,000 customers use the cloud gaming services of different companies.
  • Approximately 97% of mobile web browsing last year occurred on browsers powered by Apple or Google’s software.

Google claimed that its Android operating system offered more program options and app shops than any other mobile platform. This allowed developers to choose the web browser engine they wanted and resulted in the launch of the myriads of apps.

Apple believes in vibrant, competitive markets where innovation can thrive.

Its App Store had made it simple for scores of developers to make apps, which has provided work to many thousands in the United Kingdom alone, it stated.

“Our organization will continue interacting with the Competition and Markets Authority to promote competition and choice while minimizing consumer risks and ensuring the security of our devices,” Apple added.





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