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Elon Musk Tells Twitter Staff to: “Work Hard or Go Home”

According to reports, Elon Musk has finally told his Twitter staff to commit to “long hours of high intensity” or go home.

The Washington Post reported in an email that the social media firm’s new owner had told his staff and workers to ledge if they wanted to stay in the company.

Mr. Musk said those who do not sign up for the pledge by Thursday will be given three months’ severance pay and asked to leave.

We have contacted Twitter for more comments.

In his email, Musk said that Twitter needs to progress at an extremely hardcore pace if they want to succeed.

“It means committing to long hours at high intensity, and only exceptional performance will mean a passing grade,” he said.

Workers are asked to click on the link provided in the email by 17:00EST on Thursday if they want to remain a part of the new Twitter.

He also added, “Whichever decision you make, I thank you for all the efforts you have put in to make Twitter successful.”

The world’s richest man has already laid off almost half of the Twitter staff after he bought the company in a $44bn deal.

Mr. Musk explained that “he had no choice but to fire the employees as the company was already losing almost $4m a day. He blames various activist groups pressurizing advertisers for the drop in revenue.

A group of top executives on Twitter have also stepped down following the purchase deal.

According to reports, the new owner of Twitter told the staff that difficult times lay ahead and remote working would end.

In his email, the entrepreneur also stated that the workers would be expected to attend the office for at least 40 hours a week, according to Bloomberg.

Mr. Musk added that there is no sugarcoating the message as the global economy will eventually hit Twitter and its advertising revenues.

However, many tech insiders and experts state that the real reason for the difficulties is that Musk’s takeover has saddled the company with debts. His behavior has also led many advertisers to stop spending.

Another tech investor stated that his actions have led to cause pain among the employees and increased uncertainty, and there is a question mark on the enforceability of the email about the working hours for staff.

Elon Musk leads Twitter himself, along with electric car maker Tesla, SpaceX, and many other ventures.

He explained his work habits in US court on Wednesday following the defense of his whopping $56bn pay package received from Tesla in 2018.

He said, “I always work with a few rare expectations.”

Another senior equity analyst has warned that Twitter’s work culture will dramatically change with Must as its leader. This is a shock to the system as Elon Musk will not play ping pong in the cafeteria or do dinners.

However, Musk also has to play smartly, as Twitter’s key engineers’ continuous resignation will create a void in its system. This is a careful balance he is performing on a tightrope act.



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