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Feel Fresh and Fashion Forward With These Five Sweater Outfits

What’s the one winter garment perfect for a cozy night in or a day out? Any guesses?  It’s none other than our favorite winter companion: the sweater. Sweaters have been in fashion for as long as I can remember. Your mother wore sweaters and so did her mother, and now it’s your turn. Every year when it starts getting cold, we throw on our favorite sweater and get ready to face the chilly weather, however, being stuck in the mindset that sweaters are just comfortable companions isn’t the best way to approach the fashion world. While I agree that sweaters are perhaps the most cozy winter garments out there, you can certainly style them in countless ways to make them equally stylish. 

Whether you are dressing up for a winter date night with your significant other or aiming for a casual look to go shopping with your girlfriends, a sweater is versatile enough to create the perfect looks for every occasion. That’s what we are aiming to prove in this post. Our goal is to get creative with how to wear this piece so that you end up looking fresh, fashion-forward, and timeless. Below are five sweater outfits worth adding to your wardrobe. So, keep scrolling to find them out.

With Black Cargo Pants, Duh! 

Yes, I agree that this might not be the most fashion-forward sweater outfit out there but who doesn’t love a good pair of black cargo pants? It makes an easy outfit most of us daydream about on any  particularly chilly day. So, when it gets really cold and you have to run errands, without looking like you just got out of bed, pair your sweater with and black cargo pants by Envy Boutique and curate the perfect causal everyday look. You can always play around with accessories, like a hat, and necklaces, and experiment with footwear like Vienna cedar Wood Booties to bring the entire look together.

With a Skirt

Skirts are generally considered to be more of an autumn thing, but are they? If you have never styled a sweater with a skirt, try changing that this winter. Opt for a slim-fitting sleek skirt and a baggy sweater to create the perfect juxtaposition. This contrast between the two fits will highlight your proportions and give you an hourglass look. Most importantly, do not shy away from colors. Leave the neutrals in autumn and experiment with a brighter palette for a change. Start with a plain colored top like the Emma top and make your way to multi colored outfits from Envy Boutique. Pair it with a maxi skirt or pleated mini skirt, and maybe a denim or Alexis Puffer jacket.

Under Overalls

I love overalls. After all, what’s there not to love; a comfy garment that can be paired with anything? Don’t believe me? Well, let’s see; would you consider wearing overalls in winter? When paired with a crop top, overalls are often seen as summer staples but the right styling can turn them into winter essentials. Throw a pair of your classic denim overalls, or maybe get a chic version in leather, over an oversized sweater for a quick style solution. You can dress up the look with loafers or chunky boots. If you are in the mood to experiment, you can even add a tailored blazer to the outfit, 

Get Preppy 

For those who like being preppy but also want to stay warm in winter, a chic V-neck sweater like the Ariel sweater from Envy Boutique is the way to go. While styling a sweater to look preppy is not child’s play, it can certainly be mastered with a little practice. Once you choose the sweater (make sure it is bold and elegant), it’s time the select the right bottoms. Here is the tricky part; the bottoms can make or break this outfit. Pair your sweater with colorful shorts and the trending sock-and-shoe combo for the ultimate light academia look. You can even put on a cropped blazer on top of the sweater to add structure to the outfit. Bonus: it will make you feel like modern-day Carlton Banks! 

As a Dress

Most people hear about sweater weather and instantly assume that they would have to sacrifice style for comfort, but that is not true. With sweaters, there is always room for style and creativity. For instance, are you a dress girl? Do you love wearing dresses no matter what the occasion is? If yes, I’ve got you, girl! Sweater dresses make the perfect winter outfits for us, dress-loving girls. Go for a body-hugging dress or top like the Julie top by Envy Boutique, depending on the vibe you want to go for. 

So, Are You Ready To Elevate Your Sweater Game?

I understand that when it gets cold all you want to do is lay on the couch and drink your coffee but there would be days when you want to dress up and look your best. For those days, don’t settle for the old and boring sweater looks, experiment with something new. Try Envy Boutique’s Lizzy sweater, Ariel Sweater and checkered green cardigan. Whether you pair it with a pair of relaxed straight jeans or a pin-straight leather skirt, the choice is yours. Just remember, the outfit possibilities you can create with a sweater are countless, it just takes a bit of practice. 

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