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Which Golf Club Is Designed To Hit The Ball With The Highest Launch Angle?

When I started playing golf, I felt overwhelmed with all the terminologies, such as angles and clubs. All this talk about the launch angle was confusing initially, but when I understood the notion, its importance became clear.

Before I tell you about the clubs, let me take this time to tell you about the launch angle.

Explaining Launch Angle

The launch angle of a golf ball about the horizon is the launch angle expressed by degrees. Developing an awareness of the launch angle of your clubs can be beneficial whether you are a beginner or an experienced golfer.

Mastering launch angle enables a golfer to:

  • Match the course condition with high or low shots
  • Earning contact for “turf ball.”
  • Manipulate the distance and ball flight

You will better grasp the game once you’ve identified the initial launch angle. This will help you guess your strategies in gaming, and you might find yourself in a better situation to lift the game to a great extent.

Launch angle is highly related to dynamic loft, the degree of loft given to the club on impact. Crystal loft with a greater dynamic loft will more essentially result in a launch angle.

The higher a golf club’s loft is, the greater a player will have when striking a ball with it or more loft, thus resulting in a higher launch angle. With that in mind, the loftiest clubs should be beneficial for elevated launch angles.

Now let us get to the main point:

Which Golf Club Is Best For Right Launch Angle?

The loftiest golf club in the world is known as the lob wedge, which typically has an angle of 58 to 64 degrees.

The lob wedge hit by a ball sends it at the highest angle, while the lob wedge used for scoring is a considerable loft. The loft of a golf club, combined with the pace of the swing, pledges the launch angle.

When a player is positioned close to the green, they use a lob wedge to hit a short shot that drifts close to the pin. When another golfer wants to get their ball over a tall tree, they typically use a lob wedge.

Importance of Setting Correct Launch Angle

Given that launch angle plays a huge role in the flight of a golf ball, it is the subject matter of countless discussions in golf.

Even though the ball could have felt great coming off the center of the fairway, the very high launch angle caused the ball to go sky-high, but not far down the fairway. Of course, you probably just wanted to hit the ball a bit lower.

You’ll not want to use a launch angle that’s too low, as the golf ball will fall too quickly to the ground, which will mean a loss of distance.

High Loft Wedges

Remember that the lob wedge has the largest loft of any club in your bag. Here’s an overview of the wedges with the highest loft (from highest to lowest).

Sand Wedge

The ever-so-lovable sand wedge is the club with the second-highest amount of loft. The sand wedge has less loft than the lob wedge, but most amateurs will hit their team of wedges at about 80 yards.

The name of this sand trap suggests its purpose: to use a wedge to collect the ball. Most sand wedges have a loft of between 54 and 58 degrees.

Gap Wedge

A distance or gap wedge is known as an A-wedge or front-end wedge by some amateur golfers. The loft of this club is about 51 to 53 degrees. Most golfers hit the ball at the end of a 100-yard gap wedge.

Pitching Wedge

The pitching wedge is the lowest loft about the bag, and it gets significant use from the approach for shots ranging from 110 to 120 yards away from the green.

A pitching wedge is a handy tool for chipping and pitching. Most pitching wedges have a height of 46 to 48 degrees.

Finally: Irons with Loft Degrees


Loft Degree


9 Iron

45-49 120

8 Iron



7 Iron



6 Iron


5 Iron 29-33


4 Iron

24-28 170

3 Iron



2 Iron

19-21 190


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