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How a Wine Cellar Brisbane Can Help You Store Your Wine

A wine cellar Brisbane can help you store your wine in the right conditions. It should be cool, dark and out of sunlight. It should also be properly insulated and protected from moisture.

A good wine cellar contractor will be able to design and build a wine room that fits your lifestyle. A custom wine cellar will increase the value of your home.


A treasured bottle of wine often represents a memorable occasion or evokes fond memories, so it is important to keep it safe. A cellar can help you store your precious bottles in the right conditions, and make them last longer. To ensure your collection is kept in the best possible condition, look for a cool area with little sunlight and good insulation. Glass is not a good insulator, so it is best to use double-glazed doors that are either argon-filled or energy coated to retain temperature and stop condensation.

A professional cellar designer can determine the ideal cellar location and configuration based on your collection, storage needs, and home layout. They will also work with architects and contractors to design a custom wine racking system that fits your space and aesthetic preferences. They may even be able to find a local supplier for wine racking that matches your home’s décor.

While a wine cellar can increase your property’s value, it is important to do your homework before investing in one. If you’re unsure how to choose a wine cellar, consider consulting with a Brisbane wine cellar contractor. They can help you choose the best location, size, and configuration for your cellar and ensure it is properly insulated and equipped with a wine cellar conditioner. A cellar conditioner will help you recreate the exact temperature and humidity levels that are required for storing wines.


When it comes to storing wine, temperature is a key factor. A cellar must be insulated and climatised to keep the wine at a consistent temperature. This will help the wine to age properly and improve the flavour. In addition, the cellar should be kept out of direct sunlight. This is because sunlight can damage the composition of wine and ruin its taste.

Many Australian home wine cellars are too hot during the summer, ‘cooking’ the wines. They also suffer from vast shifts in temperature between seasons, which can affect the quality of the wines.

A good cellar in restaurants in Brisbane city should have a self-contained through-the-wall cooling unit or ducted system to control the temperature and humidity of the space. Both options offer high levels of reliability, and can be installed inside or outside the cellar. Self-contained units are cheaper and easier to install, but they may be noisy when operating. Ducted systems are more expensive, but they provide superior levels of consistency and can be installed inside or outside the cellar.

For wine lovers who want to store their collection in a dedicated area, it is best to invest in a precast concrete cellar from Versatile Tanks. This option is cost-effective, sturdy and offers a level of versatility that other materials cannot match. It will also save you the headache and expense of renovating a space in your home again and again.


A wine cellar is not just about storing wine, but ensuring the proper conditions for aging. This means creating an air-tight space with insulation and a vapor barrier to prevent moisture from entering your cellar. This is important because too much moisture can damage corks, labels, and the walls of your cellar. Additionally, it can create odors that can taint the taste of your wine.

A vapor barrier is made of thick plastic sheeting that lines the entire interior of your cellar, preventing outside air from entering your wine cellar. It also helps to keep your wine at the ideal temperature and humidity levels. A newer version of this technology is a flexible polymer membrane that can be cut to size, allowing you to customize your cellar’s dimensions.

You should also invest in a digital thermometer and hygrometer for your cellar. The thermometer measures the temperature in your cellar and is essential for ensuring that it stays at an optimal level. The hygrometer will measure the relative humidity in your cellar and is essential for ensuring the wines in your cellar stay at the right moisture level. Some newer products even feature wireless capabilities, allowing you to monitor your cellar from anywhere.

You should always have an experienced wine cellar specialist design your cellar, as they are experts in maximizing and organising storage space to ensure that it can accommodate your growing collection. They can also help you decide on the best organization system for your cellar, whether that be by wine type or by region.


When it comes to lighting your wine cellar, you want to make sure that the space is properly illuminated. This is because exposure to light can impact the taste and appearance of your wines. For example, prolonged exposure to sunlight can cause wine to spoil due to the sun’s UV rays. Additionally, if the wine is stored in direct sunlight, it can lose its flavour.

LED lights are a good choice for wine cellars because they do not emit any UV rays and will not damage your wine. These lights also emit much less heat than traditional lights, which can help maintain the ideal temperature in your wine cellar.

Another important consideration when choosing the lighting in your wine cellar is color. You want to make sure that the lighting in your cellar is warm and inviting, rather than bright and harsh. You can achieve this by using LED backlighting. Backlighting will highlight your bottles and create a more attractive visual display.

Additionally, you should avoid using any kind of halogen or fluorescent lighting in your wine cellar. These types of lights can produce heat and can affect the temperature in your wine cellar. Alternatively, you can use LED track lighting or recessed uplights to illuminate your wine cellar. You can also use accent lights like rope or tape lights to highlight shelves and bottles in your wine cellar.


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