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How Amini Construction is Changing the Construction Industry’s Paradigms

The construction industry has trailed the latest innovations and trends. Yet, while it has accepted new building strategies and materials, the reality is that the industry still has the potential to grow.

Thus, Amini Construction was formed. Mehrdad Amini describes the business as a full-service construction and general contracting business that works on all types of projects. “Whether you need a few walls knocked down or want to build your new home, Amini Construction is ready to help both residential and commercial owners with their needs. Our goal is to provide you with outstanding results at reasonable prices. Our attention to detail, flexibility, and attentive customer service make us one of the most reputable companies in the area,” he adds.

As someone who has been around the construction industry since he was young, Mehrdad Amini understands how the industry’s dynamic is rapidly changing. He states, “The construction industry is changing rapidly. The days of construction groups and developers withholding information from clients or not being transparent with their work are long gone. We live in a new age. It’s the age of information, thanks to the internet. As a result, transparency has become extremely crucial for clients.”

He continues, “We embrace the digital age and use technologies like the internet and social media to ensure our clients are kept up-to-date with all our work. We aren’t worried about imitation because we believe our artistry and craftsmanship triumph over everyone else’s. Hence, you’ll find we constantly share our work on social media because we want to lead by example and set the bar higher for others. ”

He also shares his plans for making Amini Construction an industry leader by outlining the organization’s strategy. Elaborating further, he says, “We are excited to collaborate with other experienced people in the space, from suppliers to interior designers, to bring forward to provide the best work for our clients. Collaborators are new material suppliers and experienced interior designers. Our followers can expect lots of new videos that educate them on best practices for installation methods and materials.”

According to Mehrdad Amini, while we embrace transparency, we’ve also adopted and embraced the latest innovations that can help make our work faster and more efficient. “For instance, we like to utilize sustainable building materials in our projects whenever possible. Similarly, we also utilize computer-aided designs (CAD) and building information management (BIM) systems to ensure our work is top-notch,” he adds.

The company’s utilization of social media has helped it ascend to great heights. Mehdrad states, “Social media is at the forefront of our plan to showcase ourselves as the space leaders on how things should be done. We’re using social media to showcase the final products of our work and every step in between. We want people around the world to come to our social media channels to learn and know what to expect from their contractors or builders.”

Amini Construction might have only started in 2020 during the height of the COVID-19 pandemic. However, Mehrdad Amini had a strategy in mind to help the company maximize customer reach and acquisition by 2022. The strategy worked as well as anticipated, helping the company garner a stellar reputation as one of the leading full-service general contracting and construction businesses in Vancouver, BC. While the company only operates in Mehrdad Amini’s hometown, it plans to expand its operations and services to the United States within the next two years.

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