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Julia Fox Took The Low Rises Trend To A New Level.

Julia Fox‘s sartorial unpredictability has become an almost constant source of internet chatter since she rose to fame in 2021 after a brief but indelible relationship with Kanye West. From DIY-ing a bandeau top and matching bottoms out of a single pair of jeans using just a pair of scissors, to her now quintessential finger-painted black eyeliner look, Fox seemingly knows no bounds and is fast becoming the enfant terrible of celebrity fashion.

Last Friday, she took to Instagram to offer more information about a costume she had worn earlier in the week. She explained that she had been wearing a body suit that was hard to get into, and that required her to shave around one of its hooks. She also revealed that the outfit was based on a centaur—a mythological creature with the upper body of a human and the lower body of a horse.

The ensemble was designed by Central Saint Martins graduate Liza Kearne, who debuted a new genre of extremist fashion on the runways of recent fashion weeks. Miu Miu’s era-defining micro-mini skirt, trompe l’oeil prints from the luxury brand Balenciaga and cut-out silhouettes were all featured prominently in collections by fashion houses like Prada and Vetements. And Fox seems right at home in this space, leaning into trends that certainly won’t be for everyone. From the Alexander Wang “joots” (jean boots) she wore to a well-documented trip to the grocery store, to her bleached brows — regularly replaced with penciled-on, flapper-esque lines — the actor and influencer appears to construct her looks with provocation in mind, often taking cues from the BDSM community.

Fox recently apologized for an Instagram post that criticized the “impossible beauty standard” of celebrities, which was widely interpreted as a comment on her appearance. She later deleted the post and posted a second message in response to critics saying that she “just wants to sincerely apologize for having figured out that there’s more to life than chasing an impossible standard of beauty projected onto me by insecure celebrities.” Fox has also walked in New York Fashion Week and at Paris Haute Couture Week.


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