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Renovating the Country Club Pool for New Members

Over the past year, Souza and McCoy have spent their free time at northern San Bernardino’s Arrowhead Country Club repairing a tattered fiberglass pool. Their goal was to restore this pool, which is a key feature for the country club pool, and also the area’s community.

Forward-thinking clubs know that a quality aquatics space helps attract prospects in the prime joining years. Inventive pools, paired with stylish cabanas and outdoor dining options, help create an all-inclusive member experience.


From Memorial Day-Mid-August, members and non-members alike can enjoy lap swim, water aerobics and swimming lessons in the Lap Pool. The Activity Pool has a zero depth entry and features water jets, slides and an interactive play structure.

Beginner swimmers build confidence and coordination by learning to float, kick and coordinated strokes. Safety skills are taught, including rotary breathing and treading water for 60 seconds. Instruction is provided on freestyle, backstroke and dolphin kicking. Swimmers work on improving endurance by completing 25-yard swims of each stroke.

Kids comfortable swimming 5-10 yards will explore more advanced water-learning activities. They’ll learn to float without support, learn side breath positioning while swimming front crawl, build their endurance through 20-yard swims of each stroke, and advance freestyle, backstroke and dolphin kicking techniques.

Swim lessons are offered Monday-Thursday mornings for children ages 4-7, and on Monday and Wednesday evenings for kids ages 8-15. All classes are 30 minutes and held in the Activity Pool. For a full schedule of Summer swim lesson sessions, view the swim lessons calendar.


Our year-round pool offers a relaxing escape on hot summer days. The pool is competition length and features a diving board, Kiddie Pool and patio area. It is a great setting for exercise, reading, socializing and dining. Private, semi-private and group swimming lessons are available for all ages. The pool is managed by a full-time professional staff under the direction of the full-time Pool Manager, Don Weisz.

All patrons entering the pool must shower as required by state regulations. No one with open cuts, sores or bandages may enter the pool and people with coughs or colds are not allowed to swim. Foul or abusive language will not be tolerated. Children 5 and older must be accompanied by a responsible adult when using the pool and no running or horseplay is permitted.

Lockers are available for daily use in the men’s and women’s locker rooms located in the Pool House. Clothing other than swimwear is not allowed on the pool deck. Food and beverages are permitted in the bar area on the Pool House Rooftop during operating hours, but not in the pool or Splash Pad areas. Please be considerate of your fellow club members by storing all food in the lockers and not leaving unattended foods out on the deck.


Designed with senior fitness in mind, the Country Club Pool offers a variety of water-based classes and is complete with a Fitness Room offering top-rated cardiovascular and weight training equipment. Including treadmills, ellipticals, recumbent bike, power plate and Cybex strength equipment.


Jump on board and dive in with our professional swim instructors to improve your skills and confidence in the water. Swim lessons available for all ages.

This workout brings the hottest up and coming land fitness trend to the water. Ballet-inspired movements are mixed with gentle resistance from the water to strengthen and tone in a joint friendly way.

This class is a great cardio intensive workout that gets your heart rate up with a variety of drills using kick boards, noodles and weights. Water aerobics also includes a cardio-intensive dance element for a fun and challenging workout.


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