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The Brisbane Community – Place for Lasting Memories and Social Events

Brisbane has a minimal wind risk, but this does not mean there is no chance that severe weather could impact the area. Click here to learn more about how you can reduce the likelihood of a tornado, hurricane or severe storm event in your neighborhood.

Embrace new opportunities with James Cook University Brisbane (JCUB). You will be part of a close-knit community and benefit from dedicated student support and world class facilities. Here are a few features on becoming a member of The Brisbane Club community.

1. It’s a friendly city

Brisbane is a vibrant community with a strong sense of friendship and caring. It celebrates the diversity of its residents and the rich contribution they make to the city. Council’s Brisbane Vision 2031 recognises this and supports initiatives that promote respect and understanding across the community. For example, the Lord Mayor’s Refugee Welcome Ceremony demonstrates that Brisbane is an inclusive city.

Similarly, the Jan Powers Markets showcase Queensland’s produce, food culture and community atmosphere in four locations. There, you can find everything from farm-fresh vegetables to smallgoods, fashion and artisan wares. You can also sample the state’s famous wine at one of the many cellar doors and restaurants.

The City’s extensive system of parks and trails offer something for everyone. From well-manicured playgrounds and paved paths to quiet trails and tranquil forests, you can enjoy nature at its best in Brisbane. You can even participate in programs and activities for a range of ages and abilities, from beginner to advanced. Brisbane’s parks and trails are open all year, so you can visit whenever you want.

2. It’s a sporting city

The Brisbane community is an active and sporty city. It’s the perfect place to get fit, catch a game of cricket or AFL football, or watch the world’s best athletes in action at Suncorp Stadium or the Queensland Performing Arts Centre.

The city also has a burgeoning cultural scene. The Brisbane Powerhouse in New Farm, a converted 1920s power station, and GOMA Australia’s leading modern art gallery are complemented by world class theatre, dance and music. The Brisbane Festival, Queensland Opera and Ballet, Grin and Tonic Theatre Company and La Boite Theatre Company are among a small number of professional performing arts companies based in the city.

Brisbane is a warm and welcoming city, where diversity is valued and celebrated. This is reflected in the city’s rich mix of festivals, galleries and markets, and in its cuisine. The infamous Moreton Bay bug, native to the region, is a favourite local ingredient (as are macadamia nuts). A growing appreciation for sustainable food practices has contributed to the growth of organic farming and slow food movements in Brisbane.

3. It’s a multicultural city

Brisbane has a rich and diverse culture with many communities from around the world. It is a city where people from all backgrounds can live without experiencing social exclusion or discrimination. This is reflected in the Council’s commitment to cultural diversity and the delivery of programs and events to promote awareness and respect.

The city’s multiculturalism extends beyond its food scene. Across the city, little pockets of culture exist in suburbs such as Woodridge, which celebrates South East Asia with great street food every Sunday morning at Logan’s Global Village Markets, and Ipswich’s Redbank Plains, where 794 overseas-born residents come from New Zealand, England, Samoa, the Phillipines, and Vietnam.

Unlike the established ethnic communities of West End and South Brisbane, which have lost their numbers over a generation, Ipswich’s Vietnamese population has retained its strength. It’s a layered community overseen by the Vietnamese Seniors Association Queensland chapter and shaped by the Phap Quang temple on Blunder Road, the hybrid-Christian Caodist religion, and St Marks on Lilac Street. Education and sport – especially Vietnamese soccer clubs – are powerful binding elements too.

4. It’s a cosmopolitan city

The city’s cosmopolitan lifestyle and its friendly locals make it an ideal place to live. Its residents enjoy a vibrant urban culture with weekend escapes – from coastal retreats to rural getaways – and have the advantage of living in one of the most beautiful, subtropical climates in Australia.

Brisbane’s refashioning as a cosmopolitan city is the result of changing discourses and new ways of inhabiting and imagining cities. As the suburbs morphed into high-density apartment housing, a range of marketing material promoted the notion that these urban areas were culturally vibrant and diverse, whereas suburban life was dull and homogenous.

In addition to a thriving arts hub, the city also boasts bike paths and the only inner-city man-made beach in Australia. And while Sydney and Melbourne receive most of the attention, Brisbane has much to offer discerning travelers. Moreover, it’s easy to get around the city by train or bus. And with an abundance of parks and botanical gardens, the city is a verdant paradise. It’s also a great destination for those who love to live a relaxed, alfresco lifestyle.

5. It’s a safe city

Brisbane’s residents are friendly, courteous and respectful of current and visiting citizens. This goes a long way in keeping the city safe. This friendliness can be attributed to the fact that Brisbane is a relatively small city where most people know each other in one way or another. The Brisbane council is also working hard to keep the city safe by maintaining an open line of communication between the council and its residents. This helps to keep everyone informed about things such as extreme weather and neighbourhood watch programmes.

Crime rates are low in Brisbane, and the risk of car theft or home invasion is very low. Women, racial and sexual minorities are also very safe in the city. However, it’s important to take precautionary measures in order to stay safe.

Whether you’re planning to study or live in Brisbane, it’s worth taking the time to learn about the city and what makes it a good place to be. With its beautiful weather, top-class universities and big-city lifestyle, Brisbane has everything you need to thrive as an international student.


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