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The Mcdonald’s Restaurants That Have Recently Rebranded In Russia.

Russia saw fifteen venues reopen on Sunday, now owned by Alexander Nikolaevich Govor. In that new form, the golden arches and Big Mac are no longer present.


The American inexpensive food monster has been renamed “Vkusno and Tochka,” which means “Delicious and that is all there is to it.”

The organization, which has Oleg Paroev filling in as chief general, plans to open 200 branches toward the finish of June and all branches toward the finish of the late spring, as per a public statement.


“On the off chance that you review, in May, McDonald’s declared they were eliminating their organizations from Russia. I’m extremely glad that they picked me to keep fostering this business. That implies the organization sees me as somebody who completely shares every one of the standards of business and upsides of Mcdonald’s,” Govor said at a public interview.


“I won’t conceal the way that I am an aggressive man, thus I am not about to just open up each of the 850 eateries however I will foster new ones too,” he said.

As per a public statement, 62,000 previous McDonald’s workers were likewise held.

The rebranding concurred with Russia Day, an occasion denoting the nation’s freedom. It occurred at a similar area in Moscow’s Pushkinskaya Square, where McDonald’s opened its most memorable Russian eatery on January 31, 1990.

Right from the start, 30,000 individuals were served – – a McDonald’s record for a first day of the season, the CBC revealed at that point. The area even needed to remain open for a really long time later than arranged in light of the groups.

Around 630 representatives were picked out of 27,000 candidates, as per a 1990 Washington Post article.

“Roughly 32 years ago…there were a many individuals on Pushkinskaya Square, when the main McDonald’s establishment opened here in Russia. It caused a remarkable frenzy. I figure the frenzy will be similarly as large with this new chain of eateries, with another proprietor, a genuine business visionary,” Alexei Alexeevich, the Head of the Department of Commerce of Moscow, said during a public interview on Sunday.

McDonald’s in this manner extended its arrive at inside the nation and as of early March, there were around 850 areas working in Russia.

Be that as it may, the chain chose to leave the nation and sell its Russia business, in accordance with numerous other Western organizations following Russia’s attack of Ukraine, which started in February.

McDonald’s acknowledged a charge of nearly $1.4 billion after the deal to Govor, Reuters detailed. Paroev has said different establishments could work under the new brand, yet the customary McDonald’s image will leave the country.

Russia’s enemy of syndication administration said the chain could choose for repurchase its eateries in Russia in something like 15 years, albeit many terms of the deal to Govor are as yet muddled, Reuters additionally revealed.

“On the off chance that the kickoff of McDonald’s in 1990 represented the start of another time in Soviet life, one with more prominent opportunities, then the organization’s ongoing way out addresses a shutting down of business, yet of society in general,” Darra Goldstein, Willcox B. furthermore, Harriet M. Adsit teacher of Russian, emerita, at Williams College, noted at that point.

The organization’s new logo imparted to CNN has “the primary images of the café” portrayed on it — what should be two sticks of yellow fries and an orange burger. The green foundation, the press office told CNN, represents “the nature of items and administration that visitors are familiar with.”

Purchasers ran outside what used to be McDonald’s leader store in focal Moscow on Sunday, Reuters detailed.

In spite of the fact that “Vkusno and Tochka” doesn’t offer probably the most unmistakable things on the McDonald’s menu – – including a Big Mac – – clients might in any case buy a twofold cheeseburger for 129 roubles (about $2.30), contrasted and approximately 160 under Mcdonald’s, and a fish burger for 169 roubles, rather than around 190 rubles beforehand.

In spite of the a portion of the menu changes, the creation of the burgers and the McDonald’s gear continues as before, said Alexander Merkulov, quality director at the new organization.

CNN’s Fred Pleitgen was at the opening and addressed Sergey Vlasov, a 19-year-old supporter who was wearing a “Z” cap – – a reference to an image involved by Russian soldiers in the midst of the conflict in Ukraine.

Vlasov told CNN he didn’t believe it was a logical inconsistency to show his help for Russian powers in Ukraine, while eating American-style cheap food.

“Food and legislative issues don’t share anything for all intents and purpose,” he said.

Vlasov said he accepts McDonald’s withdrawal from Russia is “a monetary measure keeping us down.”

“I see it as quite obvious and I realize what must be finished and I don’t care about it, I realize it is exactly the way that this must be on the grounds that the other world considers us to be aggressors which we will be, we attacked a sovereign state by regulation,” he added. “Yet in addition by regulation we safeguarded a country who is battling for their own power, so there is a great deal of issues right now…I am only here to partake in some old fashioned Mcdonald’s, man.”

Artem Kirienko, another client, let CNN know that his twofold cheeseburger from Vkusno and Tochka was “practically the equivalent” as the ones served in Mcdonald’s.

“That is not the very thing I was expecting,” he said, adding that he anticipates coming to the café no less than one time per week.

When inquired as to whether he thinks the rebranded chain will fulfill Russian clients, he said: “It’s alright … for these difficult times.”

Kirienko’s significant other, Yekatarina, said that despite the fact that she seriously hate Mcdonald’s, she was quick to attempt a burger from Vkusno and Tochka as a result of the curiosity encompassing the rebranded chain.

“It is ideal to have it, just to proceed to eat some of the time,” Yekatarina told CNN.

In any case, she said she has some serious misgivings of whether the new eatery will satisfy the hopes of its clients.


“I figure we ought to investigate how it would be, the manner by which it will work, will individuals like it or not, I think it’s anything but really smart on the grounds that Mcdonald’s is a set of experiences, it’s an image,” she said.

A previous form of this story erroneously expressed the number of McDonald’s eateries that returned on Sunday. It was 15.


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