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Alcohol Sales Barred At World Cup Games in Qatar

Alcohol sales to the audience at World Cup stadiums in Qatar after Fifa implemented its new policy just days before the start of the tournament.

Alcohol was to be served “in selected areas within stadiums” despite its sale being controlled strictly by Qatar – a Muslim country.

However, alcohol will be available for those in the stadium’s corporate sections.

The World Cup 2022 is set to begin with Qatar and Ecuador in the opening match.

Budweiser is a major sponsor of Fifa, and its owner, AB InBev, had exclusive rights to sell beer at the World Cup.

From discussions among host country officials, a decision has been determined to restrict the sale of alcoholic beverages. The beverage will not be allowed to serve in licensed venues, fan festivals, or other fan destinations of the Fifa fan festival in Qatar’s 2022 Fifa World Cup stadium perimeters.

Qatar’s 2022 World Cup stadiums will continue to sell Bud Zero.

Host country authorities and FIFA will continue to keep the stadiums and surrounding areas entertaining, respectful, and pleasant for all fans.

The organizing committee admires AB InBev’s consistent connection to its participation in the Fifa World Cup Qatar 2022.

Budweiser posted a tweet on Twitter on Friday stating, “This is awkward,” but the tweet was later deleted.

An AB InBev executive said they could not go ahead with “some of the planned venue activations” due to “circumstances beyond our control.”

A large percentage of enthusiasts appreciate beer at a sporting activity, but many are upset with the last-minute change in direction. It exposes a wider issue – the inability to communicate and clarify the situation between the organizing committee and supporters.

Suppose they can shift to a new idea on any basic issue at a moment’s notice with no warning. In that case, their supporters may have understandable worries about whether they will fulfill other promises of room and board, transportation, or linguistic issues.

England soccer fan Ryan, an Arsenal supporter in Qatar for the World Cup, voiced complaints concerning the substitution. He told the BBC: “It’s not ideal, but as far as I understand, there will still be other pubs to drink in. Football is football, and a part of the culture is having a drink with your companions, but there’s no need to whine about it.

However, in recent news, England’s Eric Dier says “Alcohol is not necessary to build a great atmosphere“. This statement implied that there are mixed views regarding the decision.

In the 12 years they had to arrange the show; I don’t think there were many last-minute changes. As fans, we should just maintain on with the festivities.

There were many last minute changes in game schedules also that escalated fan’s tolerance, and there were some uproars among the supporters

In August, Fifa changed the World Cup’s start date, so the group’s initial game would be split between Qatar and Ecuador.

The game was formally scheduled to play on November 21 as the third match, with Senegal to play the Netherlands as the opening match.



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