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Twitter Prevents Employees From Accessing Their Workplaces Until Monday, 21 November

Twitter recently announced it wouldn’t let employees use its offices, for the time being, effective immediately.

The message went on to say: “Please endure to comply with company policy by abstaining from discussing private company information on social media, in the press, or elsewhere.”

Many workers have abandoned their jobs since they disagreed with Mr. Musk’s new conditions.

An individual who formerly worked at Twitter stated, “Once the dust settles, I’m anticipating that fewer than two thousand former employees will be remaining.”

Everyone on their team laid claim to having been terminated.

That person’s manager was removed days after the manager. Subsequently, the manager’s manager was removed. Above him was someone at the top of the hierarchy who was ousted on the first day. So, there’s no longer anyone in the chain of command.

Another person said they were ready to work for long periods but decided to quit because they could no longer do so.

I didn’t want to work for someone whose rhetoric threatened us by email multiple times that only “exceptional tweeps should work here” when I was already working 60 to 70 hours a week.


Former Twitter Vice President Bruce Daisley said that engineers and programmers who left the company were threatening Twitter accounts could “fail as soon as Monday.”

Many features seem to be centered on having engineers on location. If those engineers have gone, it can endanger the product’s sustainability. Thus, many people are posting where they can find them online.

Pledge Allegiance

Mr. Musk has told Twitter staff this week that they would have to commit to working very long hours for the business and would need to be “seriously hardcore” or leave.

In an email to employees, the new owner advised that workers must agree to the promise if they wanted to stay. The Washington Post documented.

People who did not enroll by the forthcoming Thursday will be provided with three months’ salary, Mr. Musk stated. This month, the business revealed that the workforce would be reduced by around 50 percent.

Employees have tweeted a hashtag showing how delighted they were to leave the company, using #LoveWhereYouWorked, a saluting emoji, and this message.

Despite the drama at the business, Tesla’s CEO tweeted on Friday: “And we hit another all-time high in Twitter usage lol.”

Satirist Frank Lesser responded, ‘Rome has never been this luminously ignited at night!’ – Nero” – a reference to the Roman ruler who is reputed to have fidgeted while Rome burned.

Before Mr. Musk became involved at Twitter, the company had about 7,500 employees. The company was also reported to have employed thousands of contract personnel, most of whom are understood to be no longer employed.

The CEO of Twitter became the world’s most prosperous by acquiring the company last month for $44 billion.

Elon Musk appeared unconcerned by reports that Twitter was facing liquidation tweets, saying: “The best people are staying, so I am not so worried.”

In separate posts, he tweeted two emojis of the skull and crossbones variety and a meme on a gravestone with Twitter’s logo.

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