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Annie’s Upright Posture Remains Grounded Thanks In Part To How She Does Yoga.

Singer Dua Lipa recently shared videos of herself doing yoga on Instagram. The videos were posted by Venezuelan yoga teacher and movement facilitator, Anabella Landa. The two women – with their long dark hair and similarly excellent wardrobes – could almost be sisters.

“I’ve forever been dependent on development,” Annie lets me know via telephone. “It’s my principal wellspring of energy. My folks got me into yoga – a coach would come to our home – and I’ve generally investigated different yoga studios, as well as different exercises.” With a foundation in publicizing and PR, her new-look vocation makes her an exemplary pandemic example of overcoming adversity – she finished her authority yoga educator preparing basically on the gallery in her small loft in Miami. She utilized the time, she says, to “incline toward [her] association and calling”.


Presently, her day to day routine is miles from that minuscule condo. She’s venturing to the far corners of the planet with Dua, however facilitating her own yoga occasions this year wherever from Spain to Colombia and Mexico. In addition, she’s presently an envoy for supermodel-most loved sports apparel brand, Alo Yoga. This wild outcome in a somewhat brief timeframe hasn’t changed the basics of what she does, however – with regards to remaining grounded, she depends on something similar, generally accessible device she generally has.

“The breath is everything, truly,” she says. “A training emphatically affects your life, on such countless levels. You don’t understand the significant job it has until you step on the mat.” Rooted in vinyasa yoga, a training that spotlights on synchronizing the breath and the actual body (“That’s in a real sense what the word ‘vinyasa’ signifies”), Annie’s classes are tied in with getting to know yourself and your body, whether by means of postures, or the limit of your breath.

“An objective for me is to truly jump into yourself and investigate your body through developments and breath – as you practice and advance, frequently stale energy emerges in a particular piece of the body that you didn’t realize you were clutching, similar to the hips,” says Annie. Any individual who has played out a hip-opening posture in their time will perceive the serious close to home delivery it can provoke – it’s a magnificent illustration of a region where a ton of profound strain and energy can develop. “We clutch such a lot of that we don’t understand. Delivery and association are the two things I center around the most.”


However Annie is naturally tactful about her work with Dua, simply look over the whiz’s Instagram posts for proof of how her meetings with Annie are keeping her sharpened, conditioned and quiet – most likely pivotal while you’re performing difficult dance schedules in an alternate city consistently. What’s more, obviously, you don’t need to be a well known pop star to profit from this kind of training.


“Yoga isn’t simply something actual by any means – there is this no around it, that on the off chance that you’re not adaptable, you can’t rehearse it. However, yoga is for everybody!” Annie says. “It’s a particularly private practice yet it is useful to everybody, and ought to be open to all. Attempt it – the most awful thing that can happen is you could do without the class you take… the best thing that can happen is it can transform you.”


With respect to her go-to mats? At the point when she’s in Miami – and rehearsing a ton of hot yoga – her most loved is the Liforme, which is “non slip and has the ideal thickness to it – when you’re kneeling down, some of the time you ned something somewhat milder”. In the mean time, while voyaging, she’s about the Alo Yoga Travel Mat, which “has extraordinary hold and is wonderful to haul around, in light of the fact that it’s totally weightless”.


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