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This Slow Fashion Brand Name Has Some Great Wedding Guest Outfit Ideas.

In the wake of the pandemic, a new wave of sustainably minded brands has emerged. Perhaps this is the result of so many people taking time to slow down, reflect, and look for more purpose in their lives during lockdown. That was certainly the case for Realms founder Lauren Osborn, who has previously worked as a product developer for the likes of Roksanda, The Vampire’s Wife, and Ashley Williams.

Every year for the past 12 years, I’ve labored in fashion, always wishing to put together my own thing. With the pandemic, it seemed like the best thing was to now put my skills to work starting [my brand].

Slow fashion label Lazy Oaf harks back to an era when people would go to their local tailor or seamstress to get their clothes made, both in terms of the brand’s ethos and aesthetic. The brand’s clothes feature ’70s-style suits in pastel shades as well as black, if goth-girl summer is more your vibe. “I’m definitely inspired by the past,” Lazy Oaf founder Emma Osborn says. “I think it runs in my family—my great aunt made all the dress patterns for Woman’s Own magazine back in the ’50s and ’60s and my mum taught me to sew.” Adopting a made-to-order model was a no-brainer for Osborn—who currently makes all the pieces herself in her studio in south London, along with the help of a couture seamstress. “Made to order is having a bit of a moment but it’s essentially how things were done back in the day,” she continues. “Now it feels very special to get something made to order—I love that aspect of it.”

As well as reducing waste by only producing pieces that have been ordered, Osborn currently uses 100 percent deadstock materials in her designs. “I want to use fabrics that already exist in the world, because there’s so much waste and overproduction,” she says. “Because of my years spent working in fashion, I’ve got to know a lot of really beautiful mills.”

For those who want a more distinctive look for their wedding or other special event, London-based menswear label Realms has launched a new range of suits, shirts and accessories that are proving popular. The designs are characterized by bold colors, distinct patterns and attention to detail that set them apart from the standard black “tuxedo” suit often worn to weddings. With illustrator Fee Greening wearing one of the brand’s purple suits to the wedding of Luke Edward Hall and Duncan Campbell in the Cotswolds in May, owner Daniel Osborn has seen an uptick in interest in his products. Whether you’re investing in one of Realms’s designs for a wedding or another special event you’ve got coming up, the craftsmanship that’s gone into each piece means that it’s something “you’ll cherish forever.”


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