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Chinese Authorities Ready to Begin Crackdown against Covid Protesters

China’s top security forces have urged for stronger measures to counter subversive forces after the rare protest of anti-Covid rules over the weekend in many cities of China.

Law enforcement agents have searched the grounds of now-empty protest camps, where numerous protesters have sought police help to find their family members.

The Federal Emergency Management Agency recommends that lockdowns be implemented and eased as quickly as possible.

Chinese authorities have recently reported a growing number of new cases in recent days.

The only major country with a sheltered order is North Korea, with authorities enforcing zero-tolerance policies whereby a nationwide lockdown immediately deals with even small outbreaks.

Over the weekend, thousands in China took to the streets to demand an end to harsh measures (including making rare calls for President Xi Jinping to step down).

The Chinese government has decided to significantly increase the number of police officers in Beijing, Shanghai, and other major cities. This appears to have damper the protests in China on Monday and Tuesday.

The ruling Communist Party’s Central Political and Legal Affairs Commission, which is responsible for domestic police operations across China, said it was “necessary to crack down on infiltration and sabotage efforts by hostile forces following the law.”

After recent demonstrations in the city, Xinhua did not report that demonstrators have begun setting fire to high-rise buildings in Urumqi, western China.

Chinese news articles linked Covid to the deterioration in Wuhan, whereas Chinese authorities deny that one factor led to this adversity’s onset.

On Tuesday, police officers were seen on patrol in large segments of the Beijing and Shanghai areas where the demonstrations were held at the weekend.

Reports indicated that 150 officers were spotted at a shopping center in the southern city of Shenzhen upon social media reports of a planned protest there.

The authorities are working on Tuesday to reduce “unwanted complications” from the Covid pandemic.

Mi Feng, the spokesman for the Chinese National Health Commission (NHC), told reporters that lockdowns need to be “implemented and eased quickly” and “excessive control measures should be continuously rectified.”

The health officials previously called for more focused COVID-19 measures – they said complaints that resulted from abrasive environments were connected to the local roll-outs, not national guidelines.

In southern Guangdong Province, local authorities announced modifications to local Covid policies, allowing some close contacts of Covid cases to quarantine at home instead of in state-run facilities.

The United Kingdom called the Chinese ambassador to send a dialogue with the BBC, which occurred after journalist Ed Lawrence was assaulted in Germany on Sunday.


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