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How Apple Arcade has Grown Under the Radar of Nintendo, PlayStation, and Xbox

Apple Arcade’s strategy to stay ahead of the competition is offering casual games for a flat fee, which works beautifully.

Apple’s gaming subscription service has significantly grown since the release of its app in 2019, reaching twice the number of games and regularly providing updates on the latest releases, remastered games, and weekly updates.

And its initial hit may have been the imaginative video game Sneaky Sasquatch, which centers on a Bigfoot-style character seeking refuge from campers in woodlands, hiding from automobile drivers, and enjoying go-carts on the road.

iOS Arcade, Apple’s arcade-game platform, offers a selection of games that range from mega-popular titles to fledgling works of genius that largely went unnoticed in the App Store. Since its release in 2015, Arcade’s propensity to add distinctive titles for a wide audience has only increased.

Apple’s App Store grew from just a modest collection of games into a vibrant section of the site packed with new apps and video game updates, special live in-game events, and easy-to-follow categories. The service’s brand recognition and large catalog, and quality of prevented-paying micro transactions be damned. That’s why CNET named it a 2018 Editors’ Choice Awards pick since its inception.

“We defined a new category with the first gaming subscription specializing in mobile, desktop, and living room gaming, and set out to debut with 100 brand new titles that would reflect the scope and quality of our service”, said Apple’s Vice President, Matt Fischer. He told this in an exclusive interview with Radical 7 officials.

Fisher believes Apple Arcade is far ahead of any other gaming service following its 2015 debut, owing to the heavy hitters like Xbox Game Pass, PlayStation Plus, EA Play, and Nintendo Switch Online with an extensive list of games.

When initially announced, Apple Arcade seemed like a great new alternative for mobile gamers who were tired of accruing bills from in-game micro-transactions for items like a new look for their avatar or a few extra tools to beat a particularly challenging level.

Now, for just the comparable cost of one computer game annually. Apple Arcade provides subscribers who pay $5 a month access to hundreds of games in various genres, including puzzle, nostalgia, mystery, sports, kids, and games with multiplayer and social features.

Arcade periodically removes outdated games from the catalog, likely due to expired agreements.

Arcade subscribers can expect upcoming improvements to the service, perhaps including an even-larger platform update like the major one we saw in April 2021. This affected the release of 32 games as well as the better organization of the library.

Arcades will probably continue adding to their menu of games with larger, richer console-game style graphics, like NBA 2K23, as Apple enhances the performance of its mobile phones, tablets, and personal computers.

There is much possibility surrounding Apple Arcade to give players what they demand, a large game library and exclusive titles. Fischer remains positive that there will be hefty competition available before them, and they have taken on the challenge to enter a market dominated by big names like Microsoft, Sony, and Nintendo.

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