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NATO Pledges Arms and Power Support to Ukraine

Ukraine will receive additional weapons from NATO to aid with the restoration of the ruined energy infrastructure devastated by our massive Russian missile and drone attacks.

At a summit in Bucharest, Secretary General of the NATO Military Alliance Jens Stoltenberg accused Russia of “trying to use the winter as a weapon of war.”

Due to the subzero temperature, the Russian strikes have deprived virtually 4 million Ukrainians of electric power and running water. Ukraine, for months, has lobbied NATO for more advanced air defense systems.

The Geneva conventions define attacks on civilians, such as critical infrastructure, as war crimes. On Thursday, Ukraine’s prosecutor-general stated that the Russian attacks had amounted to genocide.

Representatives of the G7 group of wealthy countries announced in Berlin that they sought to coordinate investigations into allegations of war crimes committed in Ukraine.

The judicial investigation of Ukrainian human rights violations could be lengthy, perhaps extending for decades. But we will be ready for this and persevere through it all.

Russian President Vladimir Putin – who ordered a full-scale invasion of Ukraine on 24 February – and other senior Kremlin officials deny reports of Russian military involvement in war crimes.

Ukraine’s First Lady Olena Zelenska gave a speech to the lawmakers of the British Parliament on Tuesday, stating that Ukrainians were living through an experience similar to the World War II bombing city of London.

Mrs. Zelenska said, “Our victory isn’t the only issue we need; we need justice like victory will lead to the end of the war.”

Deposed at the beginning of the NATO foreign ministers’ two-day gathering in Romania, Sir Lute Infosys announced: “Russia is losing on the battlefield. In response, they are now attacking civilian targets, towns because they are unsuccessful in the land of operations.”

UK Foreign Secretary Igor Konashenkov echoed Foreign Secretary James Cleverly’s words. He declared that Russia was attempting to force the Ukrainian government to capitulate.

Later on that day, NATO announced in a statement that, though Russia’s persistent attacks on Ukrainian civilian and transportation networks are “depriving millions of basic human services,”

NATO citizens could use their authority to shield Ukraine from missile attacks to reassure the people there that vital infrastructure was recovering.

Stoltenberg stated at the joint press event with Ukraine’s Foreign Minister Dmytro Kuleba that NATO would uphold its commitment to Ukraine for as long as it would take, and he would never back down.

It is undoubtedly vital that Putin is unable to retain power in Ukraine. That will be a major loss for Ukraine, but it also makes the world much less safe and more vulnerable.

Mr. Kuleba said during a trip to Warsaw that he only spoke three times of “weapons, weapons, weapons.”

“I grasp what others have done, but the war still rages on. Great decisions regarding weapons and production must be made faster,” Mr. Kuleba remarked.

Thousands of energy workers are doing their best in Ukraine to restore power and recapture water supplies for their numerous constituents amid reports that the Russian military is planning more missile attacks.

Ukrenergo, the operator of the power infrastructure in Ukraine, said that 30 of the northern part of the country’s power requirements thus far had not been met, and power rationing would continue to occur.

The frigid climate of wintertime is slowly starting to take over in Ukraine, with snow and subzero temperatures happening in many areas. There are grave concerns that many citizens could succumb to the grim effects of hypothermia.


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