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Youth Gaming Addiction has been Resolved in China

Young people in China are curbing their dependence on video games, according to a news report.

The claim is made under the auspices of the China Video games Industry Committee, which falls under the regulatory authority of the game industry.

And it may boost expectations they might have softened the country’s severe video games infrastructure.

Children are prohibited from playing games for more than three hours a day starting in August 2021.

Exceptional Results

The gaming industry also endured a freeze on new titles.

The Chinese authorities crackdown was part of a broader effort to control China’s technology sector. Among those implicated was Tencent, one of the world’s largest video game companies.

CNG’s market research agency conducted a study that revealed 75 percent of young people play video games for less than an hour a day.

Chinese game companies have attained “Exceptional results,” as stated by the report.


The government of China has blamed rising gaming addiction among youth for:

  • increase in Myopia.
  • mild focus impairment.
  • mental-health issues
  • sleep disorders

The Covid crisis and the shift to online classes heightened health concerns over screen time.

For children under 14, Douyin, China’s version of TikTok, restricted the ability to use the platform for over 40 minutes daily.

With Covid cases on the rise, children are spending more time at home during the winter season, and parents in some circles have been granting children access to their online accounts to keep them occupied.

Chinese adults turn to game at a higher rate than ever before.

This week, China Daily revealed that elderly care-home residents have started playing computer games to strengthen their bonds with their grandchildren.

Niko Partners, specializing in insight into the Asian games market, reported that revenues were off in China due to the deteriorating backdrop.

Lisa Cosmas Hanson said, “The next few years seemed brighter with a growing Cunningham economy, esports, PC gaming, and enthusiasm among the Chinese gaming populace.”

“In response to the municipality’s adjustment of youth specifications and resumption of video game permission, a more positive outlook emerged.”

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